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Housemates uncovers the unique, unusual, and sometimes crazy ways Australians have made share housing work - but could you live in these houses?

FORMAT: 4x half-hour TV documentary series,

8x 13mins and

14x 1min online

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Thanks to all the housemates who generously participated in the making of this series.

Series director and producer: Rob Innes

Executive producer: Mish Armstrong

Horrors and Hacks writer and director: Scott Brennan

Series editor: Aleck Morton

Cinematographers: Richard Kickbush, Sky Davies, Leigh McKenzie

Sound recordists: Fabrice Galli, James Browning, David Ross, Greg Burgmann

Producer’s assistant: Savannah Thatcher

Editor: Damian Corboy

Edit assistant: David Oliverius

Online edit and colour grade: Jason Huxley

Sound mix and voice record: Brendan Fitzgerald

Graphics: Neil Sanderson, Chris Tomkins

Runners: Ryan Kenny, Dan Baebler

Stock video and images licenced by iStock, Shutter Stock, Getty Images

Drone footage by Jeff Camden at Flyfilm

Music licenced by Audio Network Australia


“Horror Housemates / Housemate Hacks”

Cinematographers: Hugh Turral, Leigh McKenzie

Camera assistant: Giovanni LoRusso

Editor: Matt Porter

Presenters and cast: Thomas Jaspers, Liz Scarfe, Hannah Dodd, Cathy Moir

Thanks to: CSIRO, Melbourne Processwork Centre, Tenants Victoria

Fixed Line Fidler animation: Sarah Harper (Inkrat Animation)

Duck puppet design and build: Vanessa Ellis

Additional Horror Housemates voiceovers: Czarina Lapus, Hayden Scott, Kyle Minall

Drawings by: Jet, Hayden, Ciera, Isabelle

ABC Commissioning editors: Julie Hanna, Matt Scully

ABC Development producer: Nicky Ruscoe

ABC Head of Factual: Steve Bibb

Screen Australia Investment Documentary Manager: Miranda Culley

Film Victoria Development and Investment Manager: Franco Di Chiera

Legals: David Vodicka and Sarah Christie at Media Arts Lawyers



For general or production enquires:

Rob Innes


For sales and distribution:

Escapade Media